" Designing and building a vessel is one of the most exciting things to do, yet also incredibly complicated and stressful if not managed properly. By working with Evolution Concepts, you are already on the right route to making things run as smoothly as possible. Our Project Management team and alliances will be able to ensure that not only do you receive a better and well integrated vessel, which is built to the highest possible standards, on time and on budget, but also ensure successful value retention of the vessel. "

Our role as your trusted partner

Whilst a new build project is by its very nature generally a short to medium term venture, it is one of the most complex processes that an owner can undertake. Much like building a new house it will involve a large number of experts to ensure that the vessel is well built and to the required safety standards, as well as fulfilling the owner's preferences in terms of style and design. 


One of our key objectives is to simplify the build process for owners. Hundreds of people and often a myriad of companies can be involved in a large new build project. As your partner, we will be the owner's single point of reference, we will liaise directly with the shipyard and work together with all the alliances of Evolution Concepts and partners that are involved on the owner's behalf and keep the owner informed about the progress of the build.