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Possible Suppliers:

  • Shipyard

  • Classification & State flag

  • Onsite Supervisor

  • Interior Designer

  • Furniture & Carpentry 

  • Naval Architect

  • IT Vendor

  • Engine & Generator

  • Propulsion

  • Deck Equipment

  • HVAC & Refrigeration

  • Electronics

  • Communication

  • Navigation

  • Dynamic Positioning

  • Fresh Water Maker

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Main Switchboard

  • Distribution Box

Unfortunately, builders and operators are typically not on the same page. A builder has the specialized knowledge needed to build the ship, but is usually unaware on the specific requirements that an operator needs for his job. Meanwhile, it can also be difficult for the operators to communicate what they require in order to do their jobs effectively. 

Despite this, both sides must handle a wide variety of vendors, increasing the chances of a miscommunication as there are many parties to keep track of. Could there be an answer to this dilemma?

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