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Overview of the build process

Design & Build
Completion & Delivery

Review of documents & plans based upon owner concepts & requirements, using in-depth knowledge of budgets, bidding processes and construction methods.

  • Contract and general arrangements 

  • Specifications

  • 3D modelling 

  • Risk analysis

  • Time line projections

  • Budgets 

Monitoring of all build progress and construction quality onsite or regular visits to the yard to ensure:

  • Class & Flag compliance

  • Progress of the build schedule

  • Quality of build

  • Commissioning of systems

  • Approval of machinery & systems

  • Proper integration of systems 

Ensure smooth progress of final stages of build, including attending sea trials, delivery documents preparation and hand over and delivery to owner.

  • Sea trials

  • Documentation

  • Management of warranty items to be transferred to owner

  • Flag registry

  • Class registry 

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