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Established in 2015, Evolution Concepts with years of hands on and operational experiences in specialized ship building. We bring with us valuable insights on current market trends and
relationships with other key stakeholders in the international marine and offshore community.


When great ideas, people and obstacles combine, creativity evolves.
At Evolution Concepts, we make these evolution possible by working with an innovation Green approach to rapidly transform innovations into Marine Industry breakthroughs than ever before. Open and nimble is the way we work with our customers and partners, offering a peace of mind and allowing them more time to do what they are good at.



In the marine and offshore industry today, the mission for sustainability will always be an essential part of every organization's goal. Evolution Concepts understands the importance of such missions and concurrently also recognizes the tremendous pressure from the International
regulatory organization to reduce environmental impact by transitioning to lower carbon energy solutions.

Evolution Concepts focuses on using green, innovative and scalable technologies to enable customers to fulfill their pledge towards a sustainable future. We provide a platform to build up local capabilities to embrace these new innovative technologies and provide the conduit for continuous improvement to further strengthen future sustainability.

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