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The Problem

Unfortunately, builders and operators are typically not on the same page. A builder has the specialized knowledge needed to build the ship, but is usually unaware on the specific requirements that an operator needs for his job.

Meanwhile, it can also be difficult for the operators to communicate what they require in order to do their jobs effectively. 

Despite this, both sides must handle a wide variety of vendors, increasing the chances of a miscommunication as there are many parties to keep track of. Could there be an answer to this dilemma?

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How We Help

  • Integrate main and key system providers by working with our alliance partners.

  • Assist owner in navigating through all of the logistics and variables involved up to and throughout the build process.

  • Conduct a risk assessment at the conceptual stage to indicate a clear pathway for the owner’s ideas to become reality.

  • Protect and have over sight of owner's  interest, while at all times showing due diligence.

  • Coordinate between the shipyard, designer and other parties in a collaborative effort for the benefit of vessel and the owner.

  • Ensure each part of the project is completed on time and to the agreed specification and budget.

  • Undertake document control, post project support as required. 

Our role as your trusted partner

Whilst a new build project is by its very nature generally a short to medium term venture, it is one of the most complex processes that an owner can undertake. Much like building a new house it will involve a large number of experts to ensure that the vessel is well built and to the required safety standards, as well as fulfilling the owner's preferences in terms of style and design. 


One of our key objectives is to simplify the build process for owners. Hundreds of people and often a myriad of companies can be involved in a large new build project. As your partner, we will be the owner's single point of reference, we will liaise directly with the shipyard and work together with all the alliances of Evolution Concepts and partners that are involved on the owner's behalf and keep the owner informed about the progress of the build. 

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